5 Best Ways to Promote Your Crypto Token

25 Apr 2023 | Cryptocurrency news

As we all know, the cryptocurrency market is highly competitive. Every day, new crypto projects are launched and there are thousands of tokens already in existence. 😵‍💫

This means that for your crypto token to find its footing in the market as a newer project or remain steady as an established one, you need to constantly promote it.

The good news is that the market is not at a loss for ways to show your project to the world. From the tried-and-tested methods to the more emerging ones, there are a plethora of options to meet your unique needs.

In this article, we will break down some of the best ways to advertise your crypto token. We will also bring examples of how we helped hundreds of our partners reach a wider audience.

Let’s get right to it! 👇


5 Best Ways to Promote Your Crypto Token

Blockchain is a unique digital ecosystem, so successfully promoting your cryptocurrency requires good knowledge of the marketplace as well as meeting your audience where they are at.

Let’s look at some ways you can reach a wider audience and make your token known. 👇


1. Get Listed on Crypto Exchanges

People buy and sell tokens through crypto exchanges, which can vary greatly in terms of their features as well as their user base. It is imperative that you get your token listed on as many exchanges as possible and here is why:

  1. It grants a certain level of accessibility. Most crypto buyers will not want to venture away from their exchange of choice to buy your token, especially If your project is a relatively new one.
  2. Since different exchanges are marketed and available to different audiences around the world, your token becomes available to a wider range of investors.
  3. There is also a visibility aspect – many exchanges announce listing a new trading pair on social media, newsletters or blog posts. And the bigger the customer base, the better for you.

Why get your token listed on Guardarian?

We at Guardarian, for example, offer all our listed tokens worldwide coverage as we serve customers in over 170 countries, US included. We support all major payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards or using Google pay. On top of that, we are always adding new local payment methods that make your token available to new audiences.

So, when you list with us, you can be sure that your token will be highly visible and accessible to the widest possible range of crypto investors worldwide.


2. Promote on social media

If there is any place where you want to promote your crypto token, it is on social media. The crypto community is very active online, sharing ideas and opinions, and bringing new crypto tokens to the forefront.

To tap into this audience, you should create official profiles for your project on popular social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, make sure to post regularly and interact with your followers and others in the digital crypto space. Curating a good reputation will drive more attention to your crypto project and help it to succeed.

Promote your crypto on social media with Guardarian

Jasmy announcement - How to promote your crypto token with Guardarian

At Guardarian, we offer social media promotion for all projects listed with us. This includes listing announcements and further promotions across all our social media channels. This helps drive more people to your social media handles and point more eyes toward your project. 👀


3. Create SEO-optimized web content

When people go online to find things, they turn to search engines and input certain keywords. So whatever content you publish regarding your token, it will be going up against all the others competing for customers’ eyeballs.

Knowing what keywords to include in your content to make sure that it rises to the top of search results is where SEO optimization comes in. There are a plethora of resources and tools online that will make sure your content is positioned for success once it is published.

These include Google Analytics and Google Search Console for traffic analysis, various keyword research tools and so on. Make sure to familiarize yourself with SEO optimization tools and techniques to make sure your webpage is performing as good as it possibly can.

Dedicated landing pages on Guardarian.

If you’re looking to promote your crypto token through search engines, you will enjoy the custom pages we at Guardarian offer our listed tokens. These custom pages are all SEO-optimized, which means that they are bound to rank high on search engine results and attract an enthusiastic audience.

Promote your crypto token with Guardarian

A dedicated page we made for buying & selling Litecoin.

We make sure that potential buyers will not only be informed about your token but will also be able to buy it easily. 😌


4. Collaborate with other crypto projects

When you’re trying to promote your crypto token, it is easy to see all other projects as competition. But the truth is that many of them can be valuable allies in your quest for more exposure. Consider collaborating with other projects in the crypto space as a form of cross-promotion to your respective audiences.

This can mean publishing content with them, cross-posting on Twitter, sponsoring events, organizing AMA sessions, and so on.

Marketing and collaboration at Guardarian

MultiversX collaboration - How to promote your crypto token with Guardarian

At Guardarian, for example, we often run marketing campaigns and do collaborations with other crypto-focused projects. This includes 0-fee campaigns, regular cross-posts across different social channels and much more.

This way, we can showcase your project to our audience and vice-versa. A win-win!


5. Explore Other Possibilities

The crypto industry is a very dynamic and ever-changing one and as such, the rules on how to promote your crypto token are not set in stone. To stay on top of the industry, always follow the latest developments and try your hands out at different mediums of advertising.

For example, Guardarian creates instructional videos for customers on how to purchase your token. Video content, and Youtube in particular has become one of the most popular advertising mediums in recent years. So, we make sure that our partners enjoy its full benefit.

On top of this, there is the opportunity of listing your token with G-Card – our pre-paid crypto debit card, which makes your token usable in everyday life.


And as the industry evolves and new ways to promote crypto tokens emerge, we make sure that we adapt our ways and capitalize on the latest trends and opportunities. Try doing that too and we are sure the results will not keep you waiting!


How to list your token on Guardarian exchange?

Token listing process can take significant time depending on the platform. However, we made this process as fast and seamless as possible, so you could focus on the things that really matter, such as promoting your crypto project 😉

To get listed, simply submit your listing request and our team member will reach out to you in the shortest possible time. They will answer all your questions and support you through the entire listing process, so you can tap into the new global audiences in no time! 💨



Besides providing value for your customers, success in the crypto industry also depends on how well you market yourself. This is why finding the right ways to promote your crypto token is imperative to your project’s survival. And because no two crypto projects are the same, you will have to figure out which methods are best for your situation.

And, of course, keep in mind that having strategic partners to promote your crypto token can make these efforts go that much further. And with the right amount of creativity and effort, you can truly amplify your token to the world. Once you can do this, the sky is the limit.

Make sure to reach out to us if you have any listing-related questions & we will help you out and choose the best advertising strategy for your crypto project.