Best Crypto Off-Ramp: How to Choose One For You

21 Apr 2023 | Cryptocurrency news

If you’ve ever tried to sell your cryptocurrency, you’ll have come across the term ‘off-ramp’. Several platforms advertise their off-ramp services and they are constantly touted as being beneficial to crypto users.

But what exactly is a crypto off-ramp? Why is it good for you? What are the best crypto off-ramps to choose from? We’ll be diving deep into this by explaining how off-ramp services work, the benefits they offer, and what to look out for when choosing one for yourself.


What is a Crypto Off-Ramp?

Within the crypto industry, there are the concepts of crypto on-ramps and off-ramps. You can also find people using the term Fiat on- and off-ramp as well as onramp and offramp.

A crypto on-ramp is any platform, be it a website, app, or anything else, through which you can buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currency e.g buying Bitcoin with USD. An off-ramp is an opposite; it is a platform through which you can sell your cryptocurrency and other digital assets for fiat currency.

While most large CEXes offer on- and off-ramp functionality, they most of the time rely on integrating external services for that purpose. At the same time, there are companies that focus exclusively on off-ramps and on-ramps, such as Guardarian.

If you want to know more about crypto off-ramps and how they work, make sure to read our article on the topic.


Why Use a Crypto Off-Ramp?

While they aren’t for everyone, crypto off-ramps do make the process of navigating the worlds of crypto and fiat currency much easier. Because even the most staunch crypto supporter will agree that the world still relies on fiat currency. We need to make purchases, send money to loved ones, and pay our bills and these are typically done in fiat.

A common use-case for fiat off-ramps is when someone gets paid in cryptocurrency and has to cash it out into fiat money regularly.

Another example is business-related – many companies receive their profit in cryptocurrencies or choose to invest in crypto. With that comes the need for exchanging large sums from crypto to fiat and vice versa.

As such, crypto off-ramps make it easier and faster to swap crypto tokens to fiat currency that is more easily spendable. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.


How to Choose a Crypto Off-Ramp?

Because of how much benefit they offer crypto users, the market is flooded with crypto off-ramp platforms. All with promises of giving you the best value for your money. This wealth of options can be confusing but there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a crypto off-ramp.


Fees 🪙

All crypto exchanges take a fee for their services, and crypto off-ramps are not an exception. Some will take a fixed fee, some a percentage of the transaction amount, and some – a combination of the two. Before signing up with any off-ramp service, take a look at their fee schedule and find out how much this will cost you.

Many platforms have a minimum transaction requirement and choosing an off-ramp with high fees could eat into your take-home amount. Also, look out for hidden fees such as those for withdrawals and trading.


Choice of Cryptocurrencies 🧐

Crypto off-ramps have a roster of tokens that they accept and this has a massive effect on what your experience with them will be. If you typically hold a specific crypto or a range of cryptos, make sure that they are listed on whatever platform you are considering. The broader an off-ramp’s selection of tokens, the better.

The last thing you want is to find out that your token of choice is not listed on an off-ramp platform after you’ve already signed up.


Choice of Payment Methods 💳

This is generally a bigger concern for crypto on-ramps than off-ramps, though it’s good to mention it anyway. The industry standard is off-ramping money into bank accounts. There are some decentralized exchanges that allow you withdraw your funds as gift cards or receive them as cash in-person. These are, however, far less common and not very safe.

So, we recommend checking if your crypto off-ramp of choice offers secure bank transactions as a means of withdrawing your fiat currency instead.


Security 🛡️

Considering the fact that your off-ramp platform will be dealing with both your crypto and fiat currency, you have to choose one with the highest level of security. Does the platform have know-your-customer requirements in place? Is there two-factor authentication? Is its data encrypted?

You don’t want your funds getting stolen or mishandled so keep this in mind when choosing a service.


Custodial vs Non-custodial Crypto Off-Ramps 👮

In terms of custody of crypto assets, there are two types of off-ramp services; the custodial ones that require you to transfer your tokens unto the platform before you can swap your tokens and receive your fiat currency, and non-custodial ones that let you keep your tokens in your crypto wallet while you swap.

Not everyone is comfortable relinquishing custody of their tokens and it is best to find out a platform’s custodial policy before proceeding.


Convenience & Speed ⏱️

Want your crypto swapped for fiat quickly and easily? This might not be so straightforward depending on the crypto off-ramp you choose.

Big, centralized crypto exchanges require a long registration and verification process before you can start making any transactions. You will then have to deposit your funds into the platform, exchange it into the fiat currency of your choice and withdraw it into your bank account. As you can imagine, all these steps need a significant amount of time.

Dedicated off-ramp services, on the other hand, may be quicker to use for multiple reasons, such as exchanges organised into a single process or sped-up registration on the platform.

In addition, off-ramp platforms tend to be more beginner-friendly due to their simple interface and a limited number of features.


Guardarian Crypto Off-Ramp

Guardarian Off-ramp logo

While there are many off-ramp services on the market, we at Guardarian offer our customers a plethora of choices and benefits.


Best Choice of Cryptocurrencies on the Market 🪙

Our roster of cryptocurrencies for off-ramp services is extensive, clocking in at over 400 different cryptos. Whether you want to cashout your meme coins, stablecoins, niche tokens or something as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, chances are that we can help you with it.


Pay Any Way You Want 💳

Buying and Selling your fiat currency will be a breeze as we allow for all major payment methods. This includes:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard)]
  • Bank transfers (SEPA, Swift, FasterPayments)
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • And a range of local payment methods

Guardarian payment methods. Best crypto off-ramp: how to choose.

So wherever you are located, there will always be at least one payment method for you to buy and sell your cryptocurrency with Guardarian.


No Registration Required ⏱️

You don’t need to register an account with us to access off-ramp services. The process from connecting your wallet to confirming your withdrawal is fast and intuitive, usually taking only a few minutes. 


Exchanges for Businesses 💼

With more businesses accepting crypto as payment these days, we offer an easy and convenient way to cash out your crypto profits for fiat.

Our business-focused off-ramp services are non-custodial and offer the best selection of crypto and fiat currencies around with competitive rates. So if you need an on- or off-ramp for your business needs, make sure to check out our industry-loved business offering.


Easy integrations Available 🛠️

We offer simple integrations for both on-ramp and off-ramp services. By opting for our services, your customers can buy and sell tokens directly from within your service. And all that is available to you without having to write a single line of code!

Check our integration page to know more about how we can help you grow your crypto profits.


How to cashout crypto using Guardarian off-ramp

We offer the easiest and fastest way to exchange your crypto into fiat you can find. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Go to 

Guaradrian main page - buy & sell crypto without registration


2. Switch to the “Sell” tab.                                             


3. Choose what you want to exchange and click “Sell”.


4. Complete a fast & intuitive checkout process – no registration required!

How to sell crypto on Guardarian. Best crypto off-ramp: how to choose.

5. Check your bank account & we hope to see you soon. 🙂



Crypto off-ramps act as the link between the fiat and crypto worlds and come with a plethora of benefits. When choosing a crypto off-ramp, whether for business or personal use, keep things like fees, payment options and security measures in check to make sure your unique needs are met.

Once you do, you can safely and easily cash out your crypto for your preferred fiat currency.

We hope this article answers some of your questions regarding crypto off-ramps. Make sure to visit Guardarian exchange for the best deals on crypto exchanges & follow our socials for the latest news, updates and educative articles. ✨