Guardarian News: SwapSpace Partnership, CoinEx AMA & More

1 Dec 2022 | Cryptocurrency news

“A man is known by his friends” goes an old saying. Here at Guardarian we stand firmly by these words and are always focused on our community, friends, and partners.

And since November has just come to a close, we thought it would be a good time to update you on our latest community-related events.

So, let’s see what happened in the recent days, starting with… 👇

An Onramp For SwapSpace

Last week kicked off with great news – we’ve struck an official partnership with SwapSpace! 

SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, and a good one at that. They let you exchange over 1,5 thousand different cryptos super fast and super easy.

And with Guardian in the equation you can also buy and sell 400+ cryptos we currently support through their website. Of course, best fees on the market are guaranteed.

To sum it up – we’re happy to be working with SwapSpace and we hope to keep bringing people the best deals together with them for a long time. 

A conversation with CoinEx

It’s nice to do something different once in a while. So, on Wednesday our Business Development Manager Jaanus joined CoinEx France for an exclusive AMA session.

CoinEx is a major cryptocurrency exchange, but most of all, it is our long-running partner. They have a large international community including France, where they have a populous official Telegram group.

Over the course of the hour many interesting questions were asked and many good answers were given. In the end it was a total success – all the people that tuned in enjoyed it, and so did we.

Guardarian news

An excerpt from the AMA session

In fact, we found this format so interesting that we will be looking to collaborate with other crypto-related communitites in similar ways in the future. 

So make sure to follow our socials to know when would be the next chance to have a conversation with us or some other interesting company.

New day, new listings

As always, we are happy to bring new bring new coins and tokens to our community. As we are stepping into December, the total number of cryptos available on our exchange is over 400.

Let’s look at some examples of tokens we listed last month.

$IOTA: the native currency of the Iota protocol – an open, fee-less protocol for data and value transfer.

$KLAY: the Klaytn blockchain token. Klaytn is a public blockchain from South Korea that focuses on gamefi, metaverse, and the creator economy.

$LSK: a utility token used by Lisk – an open-source blockchain application platform meant for developers to get into blockchain the easy way.

$MFT: another cryptocurrency based on a dog, this one coming with its own Mini Football game, a collection of NFTs and big plans for the future.

In addition to that, we’ve added expanded support for the $TUSD (TrueUSD) stablecoin – you can now buy and sell it using TRC20, BSC and ERC20 blockchains.


This will be everything for today’s news recap. Of course, we expect many exciting things to happen until the end of this year still. 

So connect with us on socials to be the first to hear all the latest news and as always – good luck and safe investing.