Guardarian Crypto Card Is Here! 💳

18 Oct 2022 | Cryptocurrency news

Here at Guardarian, we’ve always been trying to bridge the gap between real people and the world of crypto.  

And today we are making another monumental step towards achieving this goal by adding a very special product to our lineup of crypto solutions!

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Guardarian prepaid crypto card! 🥳🎉

Let’s take a look at the features this new card has and how it can help you get more out of your crypto! 👇

Available in the EU

The card is now officially available to order for all you EU citizens. 🇪🇺

And if you live outside the European Union – do not worry! We are already working on adding more regions to the list, so make sure to follow our socials to know when the card will be coming to a place near you. 😊

Doorway to global purchases

Guardarian crypto card offers an entirely new way to use your cryptocurrencies. Powered by Visa, it opens the door to global purchases. 🌐

This includes both physical locations – like restaurants and shops, as well any online vendors accepting Visa payments. Just top it up with crypto of your choice and use it as a regular bank card anywhere in the world!

And speaking of topping up with crypto…

Pay how You want

Our aim with this new card is to give you as much versatility as possible. That’s why it supports 11 different cryptocurrencies from the start! You can top up your card with any of the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Tether
  • Litecoin
  • Tron
  • Ripple
  • Polkadot
  • Eos
  • Cardano

 Of course, we aim to increase this list in the future, so make sure to stay connected to know when your favorite crypto gets added too.

Feature-packed crypto wallet

Along with the crypto card, our mobile app provides you with a fully functional crypto wallet. With that you can:

  • Store and manage your crypto assets in a safe and convenient way
  • Buy & sell over 300 different cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange your crypto at the best rates possible

And of course, with Guardarian wallet you can top-up your crypto card anytime, anywhere!

Low Fees & Extra benefits

Guardarian card offers some of the lowest fees around. The transaction fees begin at 0$ and are always flat – while your spendings grow, the fees don’t!

The fees for other services are also minimal, never exceeding the 2.5% mark.

If you are still having doubts, here are some extra perks we offer to help you decide:

  • After ordering, you will receive your card in no time with our fast shipping. 💨
  • After activating your card, you will receive a €20 bonus 🤩
  • The beautifully-designed, minimalist card is truly a joy to use 😌

Order your Guardarian card today!

Follow these 3 simple steps to obtain your own crypto card already today:

  1. Download our app from Google Play or App Store
  2. Order your card from the app 
  3. Activate the card and enjoy your crypto payments!

As easy as that – your own crypto card is really just a few clicks away! ✨

For more info visit our designated crypto card page.