Create stable revenue streams with recurring fiat-to-crypto transactions

Turn one-time customers into recurring ones and boost your revenue with Guardarian Subscriptions.


Embeddable checkout

Offer your customers instant crypto subscriptions directly within your service.


Licensed & compliant

Guardarian is fully licensed in EU & provides complete regulation compliance.


Free integrations

Integrate us completely free, enjoy 0 monthly costs.

How it works



Integrate our on-ramp

Integrate Guardarian Subscriptions into your service for free. Choose between our plug-and play widget or the powerful API.



Generate subscriptions

Start onboarding recurring customers directly from within your service. New subscriptions are made instantly and do not need registration.



Maximise customer LTV

Maximise the lifetime value of your customers through recurring crypto exchanges and predictable revenue streams.

Guardarian Subscriptions Benefits


Instant customer onboarding

Our on-ramp solutions offer near-instant buying experience and don’t require registration. This allows new customers to buy crypto and set-up subscriptions in minutes, directly from within your service.


Predictable revenue streams

Subscriptions provide a steady flow of income that you can rely on. Leverage this predictability to plan your finances more accurately, make better decisions, improve budgeting, and stabilise your revenue generation.


Personalised checkout & widget

With Guardarian’s customisable solutions, you can confidently represent your brand throughout the entire transaction process. Use this to increase trust and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.


Outstanding security

We use industry-leading fraud protection, KYC verification and non-custodial exchanges to achieve 0 chargeback on all transactions. And in case you need it, our 24/7 customer support is always ready to help you out.

Customisable widget

Add our customisable plug-and-play widget to your service in just a few clicks. No technical knowledge required.

Robust API

Use our powerful API to seamlessly integrate a fiat gateway along with crypto subscriptions into any platform.


Auto-Invest in your favourite crypto!

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Trusted by the best

Guardarian powers the leading projects in Web3 industry

Trusted by the best

Guardarian helps these industry-leading Web3 projects to make an impact.

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