API Documentation

Guardarian features a fully developed API which allows for a fast integration for your service.


API offers a dynamic, useful and convenient solution for any crypto business looking to increase efficiency for their service. Guardarian's developer-friendly API lets you easily integrate the whole exchange flow including multiple payment methods with just a couple functions


  • Create a contract with Guardarian

  • Receive access to your partner account

  • Get API token from partner account

  • Create your own exchange rate calculator

  • Implement necessary requests

  • Status

    • This is our API health check endpoint. When the API is down you will not be able to create exchanges

  • Get currency list

  • Get market-info

    • This method gives access to deposit/withdrawal minimum and maximum limits

  • Get estimate

    • Method for estimating the exchange amount

  • Create transaction

    • This is a method for creating a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange transaction